I’m sarcastic, get me out of here

September 1, 2009

I came across a certain blog the other day, referred to, in one of my subscriptions on Google reader. The author had written about HUF demanding an apology from Burger King over a certain issue of portrayal of Hindu religion in what they perceived as an insult.This particular author had written as a person who was angry about HUF protesting and as someone who, as a meat-eating Hindu, was enraged at it. As a casual reader, I have no clues whatsoever about him/ his works/ his humor apart from the article, which, I definitely cannot attribute as being satirical from the first read standalone. Here, read for yourself.

And then suddenly one fine day, this guy comes up and says he was being sarcastic. Ok dude, I agree. Maybe you were. But as a first time reader, and reading only that post, I am totally inclined to believe that you were just a moron who wanted HUF to apologize to meat eating Hindus.

Apparently, this sarcasm was clear to his group of friends (and looks like our dude is famous or something, as I got atleast 9 other mails to the effect of ‘ah, you didnt get his sarcasm you are an idiot’, within a day – notwithstanding the fact that no one reads this poor ‘idiot’s notes otherwise ;), who suggested that for idiots like me, he  tags his sarcastic posts as, “satire, tongue in cheek” etc. Ah, poor him, this is worse than the tsunami disaster.

So, in the tone of Kyle Broflovski, we learnt something today: If your ‘sarcasm’ makes little sense to people outside of your cult, the rest of the world is just too idiotic to understand it. duh!

FYI, in my blog on that subject, I have allowed all his friends’ comments bar one. -edited-

Here is my final take on this: Dude, if you/ your friends think your post was the epitome of sarcasm and I was just not worth understanding it, I am ok with that. You have your right to prejudice. But so do I ;

Incidentally, do you guys watch “I’m a celebrity, Get me out of here”?

Offensive Demand Or Misplaced “Liberalism”?

July 10, 2009

Picture this:

There is a group of cannibals, human nonetheless. And there is this big MNC which projects lets say another “normal” (non- cannibal, lets say the current American President, assumign he isnt) human-like figure eating a human leg with the phrase: “The snack is human”.

Now, I agree the canninbals are human. But how does that justify the ad?  I just dont get it!

Or try this: A group of radicals burning a Country’s (any country’s) flag? It is but a peice of cloth, yes. But it represents a nation and thats probably why the radical is burning it! Now I may be into the business of burning cloth, but does that mean I am justified in opposing people who are against the burning of a National flag, since it is but a piece of cloth?

And this is why I cite the examples above: Here is a misplaced demand from a blogger, on the issue of HUF demanding an apology from Burger King for their controversial (and offensive to most meat eating Hindus!)  ad.

May I point out to the blogger in question, that I am a meat eating (and loving) Hindu too. And perhaps have tried things some of which you may have only heard of or seen on Discovery Channel (ever heard of Taiwan? no, that’d be a Country). But I think the point that HUF made in its demand is that the ad depicts a “normal” representative Hindu Diety eating meat and thats why it was offensive. If they had a picture of the blogger or me for that matter, eating the Texican whopper, its a different issue altogether. (Yeah, that wouldn’t sell the burgers though, no one wants the burger brownies eat).

Take another look and he gives the issue a caste angle – Dude, be a man, stop bitching. And nowhere in the Demand from HUF, do they “claim that the Hindu religion proscribes offering meat to deities” (from the very link you provided). All they say is that most Hindus dont eat meat. Some do, varying by degree. But even meat eating Hindus observe the sanctity of God – eg: Most wouldnt eat meat when they go to a temple. The issue is that of representation, or rather misrepresentation. Lakshmi, to any Hindu represents the Godess of wealth and prosperity, a devout traditional Hindu that atleast doesn’t hog on beef.

So stop making wrong implications. And yes, stop getting MSD and his 10 followers into everything. If he sacrificed a goat, fine, but does that represent all of Hindu temples? or all of Meat eating/ vegetarian Hindus? Try that and let me know.

My point: HUF has not insulted meat eating Hindus like us through its demand. If you still feel you are wrognedd against, go, get a life or a Texican whopper or something.

Update: Burger King apologizes to Hindus for ad.


Dravid among Champions Trophy probables

July 7, 2009


Finally some sense, Some Sense! Even if it all but an iota full of it.

In India, inexperienced day-dream while  experienced have nightmares. Sigh!

Kasab pleads not-guilty

May 7, 2009

Not guilty, says Qasab 

What Joke is this?I think he is claiming that the gun he was carrying was a left-over after Diwali celebrations 2009 by LeT.To kya Karachi se Mumbai gun pakad ke vada paav khaane aaya tha?

On second thoughts, we must declare vada paav as our national food. Lets file a petition for that 😐 Am sure my educated friends (who think it is useless to vote) will join me in this noble cause of utmost importance to the nation unlike the elections. 😐 *bitch-slap* 

The next Indian Monarch

May 7, 2009

Note: This is a really really sarcastic post. I take no responsibility if supproters of Congress use this post as a honest rebuttal to the allegation.

Have you ever seen God? (And no, dont copy Ramakrishna’s  reply to Swami Vivekananda). No, isnt it? You believe in him (or Him, whatever suits you). Simple. 

Apparently New Indian Express doesn’t get it. duh! Why else would they not believe the edict issued by Congress about the prince of the Gandhi family? If they say he passed, he passed. If they say he MPhil-ed in development economics, he did. So what if NIE have his certificate from the Development Studies Committee to the contrary. Dont you believe the words of thedestined-to-crack-their-whip-on-poor-Indians holy rulers? Shame on you, You have insulted humanity and all the Human Rights Organizations by doing so. Now, just wait until Teetsa Setalvad conjures up witnesses and claims that you gangraped a pregnant Muslim woman, and then gouged out the foetus with sharp weapons and dumped bodies of innocent muslims in to wells in Naroda Patiya. Just you wait, you infidels. 

You laughed, smiled at least? Save it. I bring to you the modern educated-in-‘abroad’-Kangressi-Indian: …it does appear that the Indian Express reporter got it wrong..it’s a question of semantics: development economics Vs Development studies & frankly (i dont think the reporter in this case has studied abroad, or they’d know) what matters is the degree that you get…it’s not frikkin important whether it was in development eco or studies..& nitpicking that he got 58% instead of 60% which is pass..is also another way to develop a story, let’s face it! So, New Indian Express, check your facts & ensure that your reporters are sufficently clued up on realities of obtaining degrees abroad.  (From the comments section on the first link).


FYI, This is the Development Studies (MPhil) homepage @ Cambridge and this is the one for Mphil in Economics (There is no such thing as Development Economics)- notice how different the subjects they study are. From its website: “The MPhil in Development Studies is classified as a nine-month Arts course“. Now Mphil in Developmental Studies *does* have a paper on Development Economics. (But I had a course on Economics too in my B.E. Metallurgy curriculum (not development-al though, i think it was destructional economics or something). So I guess I will update my CV now to read Education: ME Materials Engineering; BE Metallurgical Economics). 

My other quibble is about how our educated Indian spins the magical holier-than-thou ‘abroad’ education on the (apparenlty) clueless journalist – that somehow, *any* degree abroad is a degree and no matter what they do in my poor country, it is just neeeeh! So I get a ‘how to wait on tables’ degree from oxford or ‘how to say good morning in Italian English’ and then am definitely better off then the PhD form say IISc who has slogged his ass for 8 years (and surprisingly, isnt willing to write his PhD thesis even when advised by his Advisor. Digression: ^:)^ VeeDee)

My third, and I understand if you rolled your eyes now, crib is about passing. Well, our prince secured 58% and the pass percentage is 60% in the paper on National Economic planning and Policy- no, thats a fail .

So, I *really* dont understand what this educated-abroad-Kangressi wants to convey when he asks NIE to check its facts.  Sigh! Wish I had a phoren education to understand this (lack of) logic -in development logic, that is, from the Trinity college. Do they have a course on that?

PS: Is it a matter of coincidence am listening to Educated fool (Nirvana)?

Cricketing role models

May 6, 2009

I have never been a fan of Kolkota Knight Riders – swear. But I do feel sorry for a few spoils of the lavish Mr Khan – Ganguly, Ishant, LR Shukla etc

And now, Brendon McCullum. He is like a lonely warrior out there. And then our friends from the media try to rub it in. No, seriously what exactly was this journos question when he said (no, not asked) this:  “In this competition, where the points table has been a very close thing, only one thing has been constant. Knight Riders have been always at the bottom.” Was he giving an opinion? Who asked for it in the KKR press conference anyway?

All said and done, McCullum answered thus: “That point has not been lost on us as well. But we can’t dwell on that. We need to look at ways to increase our performance; if the results don’t go our way it’s fine. At least we know we tried.”

There are some very fine cricketers out there. Some great human beings and leaders. There are very very few fighters. And almost only hand-countable number of people with all these qualities. McCullum, Dravid… – what great role models I have!

CHANGE has to come from WITHIN

April 17, 2009

A reader replies to this comment on this Rediff article and I paraphrase:

Problem with India is, if you try to do something for the betterment of the underprivileged, you will always face opposition from some vested interest who will do his/her best to throw the spanner into your work. I know a rickshaw puller in a VERY remote village of Orissa planted 500 mango trees and it changed the fortunes of that tiny hamlet. He was given an award by the government. The power to bring CHANGE has to come from within. The final call is OURS. Politicians can only do this much with the limited resources. The problem with us Indians is we always blame the politicians and escape the buck. We talk about pathetic traffic, when half the road is occupied by unauthorized parking. You cannot walk on the footpath because people park their two wheelers or shopkeepers dump half their wares on the sidewalk. We litter garbage and blame the politicians for filthy neighborhoods. We make the country. They form the government. We have to work together to take this country ahead. The responsibility of India’s development is as much as the people as it is of the ruling government. Political parties have to come together. Congress really has to shed its dynastic and divisive politics and do something for the betterment of this country. Someone needs to finish off UP style politics in India if this country has to progress.

I wonder if I can put it any better, especially the part on The power to bring CHANGE has to come from within. I can emphasize it enough!

And,  while we are at this, GO VOTE.

Of Numerology and Athiti Devo Bhav

March 24, 2009

Guess what will keep YSR in power this next horse-trading election season?

According to numerologists, chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy has the magical number five which will keep him in power for long. [link]

Now, this is not from a ToI or a Savvy – it is from votecong.com – congress’ own mouthpiece! With this for a guarantee, I guess the voters have less to decide on.

In other news, ‘their’ lady of Italy had this to say in Davangere “We are not the sort of people who take terrorists like guests to Kandahar

Yes ma’m, you invited them home. I guess this is a case of taking athithi devo bhava a tad too far. She probably wasnt mad at them being treated as guests – her operative word was, why Kandahar, when we have Mumbai!   

Why I will vote for the BJP in this election

March 15, 2009

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate L K Advani on Saturday said if NDA is voted to power, it will make Multi-purpose National Identity Cards mandatory [Link]

For this and this only- And really, nothing else. An old post on why this is important to me.

Humor – Viru ishtyle

March 5, 2009

Scene 1: Ravi Shastri asks Virendra Sehwag about his exploits after the fourth day of the Chennai cricket test between India and England.  Shastri asks him in particular, what goes through his head when he is bludgeoning the hapless bowlers. Viru looks around and utters this priceless gem: “I see the ball, I hit it”. Simple.

Scene 2: Sehwag hosts questions on his thoughts on the second ODI between India and NZ especially after he (as also most other Indian batsen eventually did) decimated the NZ bowlers just 3 days ago at Napier.  Our man goes out of his way and credits NZ bowlers for their talent. When queried on his aggressive batting style, here is what he has to say: 

“When I was growing up, I was playing a lot of 10-over and 15-over cricket. If you are batting for 10 overs, you have to score off all 60 balls. That is why my mindset is like that. But it’s changing now. You must have seen in the last game that I left the first ball very well,”. Duh! and we all didnt read much into it!

Dear Mr Sehwag, You are an amazing cricketer. And you used to get a lot of respect foryour cricketing skills in Kuntry land. Henceforth though, your amazing sense of humor will be attributed more praise.

Stay Kuntry!