Golden words must not be repeated

Our dear Prime Minister Dr Manmonhan Singh spake thus:

There is no doubt that terrorist elements have many objectives — to disturb the atmosphere of communal harmony in our country, to create communal disturbances and also to prevent normalisation of relations between India and Pakistan. We have to be mindful of these nefarious designs and we have to adopt effective strategy to counter all these dangers,”

Respected Sir, your contention on the reason why terrorists attack India is uber-dubious to me. Communal harmony isnt affected as much by carrying out bomb blasts- they are effectively fueled by sick vote-seeking policies in the name of providing equality or by setting entire trains on fire. I seriously doubt if terrorists would spend so much resources on something for which we have a government machinery in place.

Your words have also killed our (Indian, not Italian) stance, in one shot, on the backing the terrorists gain from Pakistan- or am I missing the plot here? Were we always told about the “foreign hand” so we could go humor ourselves? But for a cricket-crazy nation whose national sport is hockey; I guess you can get away by telling us anything.

What is humiliating though, is the next part of your divine words – that about having to adopt effective strategy to counter all these dangers. If you have not yet adopted strategies, I bet you never will. And may I respectfully disagree with your “all these danger” concept- there are people dying and I am pretty sure enough have died to move a heart not made of stone. That is more a danger, that is more a motivation and that is more a reason than your effed up relation with Pakistan; which, I think, has been your dream of late, now that you sleep peacefully, post Haneef-drama. Too bad our friends across the border are busy stabbing us in the back.

Its not so much about your inaction – as much it is about your commitment to it. Please be reminded that your words are golden. We have all heard them before. And they must not be repeated.

Have a good night, sir and may I wish you sweet dreams. That way, at least one Indian is happy.

On second thoughts, I seriously dont know why I am typing this. How many people will read this? How many will do how much after reading this? Why is it important that people must read this to do anything? I am not saying anything new – nor so intense a logic, that you need a pen and a paper to deduce it. I guess it is just my frustration that vents itself out of, as it would, someone who believes in Democracy. Not for long, though, I guess. Damn, life sucks or what?

PS: I was asked by someone who saw me typing this out as to why I was so livid about this situation? Whether any of my relatives had been among the unfortunate ones who were at the receiving end of this tragedy. I only told him that unlike him, I wasn’t willing to wait until then. And then there came the shrug of the shoulder and nod of the head. Now what was that all about?


2 Responses to “Golden words must not be repeated”

  1. Anonymi Says:

    Now what was that all about?

    Democracy 101.

    But seriously, does it come as a surprise that the government fails at its only true function, while expending most of its resources on issues that should be none of its concern?

    I have a pet theory about why the security system will never be fixed till the scope of the government is severely restricted. It’s mostly just as obvious as the stuff that Manny has to say, but more on that later 🙂

  2. onechance Says:

    cant wait to hear back on this theory….

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