Secular? us??

There seems to be no rush in defending minority rights in some instances in our great country, India. It is only but coincidence (sic) that this is true when the minorities in question are Hindus. The great Setalvad-de-graves and the Roy’s of our age have decided that Rights violation issues involving Hindus are not worth even a mention.

But I am not overtly worried of the above-mentioned. They are only being true to themselves- by being such hypocrites. So as much as it is undesirable, we know about such self haters. What is appalling is the response of the general public.

Srinagar is known to be a volatile place but such violence because a 40 acre land was transferred to the Amarnath Shrine board, temporarily, for make-shift arrangments for pilgrims makes me wonder, with what face these people claim the Haj subsidies? Also makes me wonder about the plight of Hindu minority in a Muslim majority area. And am only talking about India!

I wish, those mullahs, sicular politicians and journalists, who jump at the mention of “Islamic” terrorism, could come out and clarify their stance on this issue. All am asking is to whine more than about the two “Hindu” fucktards who blew a cinema house as a counter claim. Am waiting….


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3 Responses to “Secular? us??”

  1. Anonymi Says:

    I don’t support the transfer because I don’t agree with pandering public money to any religion. I get the general point you are making, and to some extent agree, but as far as I know, haj is not subsidized any more. It wasn’t really a very significant subsidy to begin with, but nevertheless, its logical (?) foundation was appalling. Not that it makes big difference in how the government likes to steal and play Robin Hood, but still.

  2. onechance Says:

    Sri, quoting from
    “According to official figures, this subsidy was Rs 280 crores in 2006, or about Rs 28,000 per pilgrim. Today, with rising fuel prices, this figure would have gone up to Rs 350-400 crores.”

    That looks significant, compared to a 40 acre land that no one was using. I am actually not against Haj subsidy. I am appalled at the mentality of the people whose commune is a benefactor of this subsidy and cribs at temporary usage of land by another. Why blame the Government here? Remember, secularism is apathy to religion- not antipathy to all or any one.

  3. Anonymi Says:

    My bad! I guess the haj subsidy is still in place. I really must learn to google before I comment. The subsidy itself is pretty twisted and the actual amount can be debated upon. But however small it might be, it is still moronic to support any religious activity with public funds.

    The government is to blame because they the reason some commune is the benefactor of public money. I won’t blame the commune itself which is trying to game the system to its benefit. That is the nature of every commune, religious or not. It is the system that must be strong enough to resist being gamed.

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