Kudos IHC, Singapore

Symbolism carries a lot of importance to me. I have come across people who argue that symbolism is useless and that, as an example, one can respect the national Anthem (of any country) while not standing up in respect while it is being sung. (Note: Hon. Minister of Railways, Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav is not one of those people I have spoken to). Oh well, perhaps the Taliban respect a persons’ right to exist while they swipe their heads off – you never know. In any case, where one draws ones’ line is left to the individual – I guess I draw mine where I do and in no way can you convince me that yours is better than mine.

It came to my notice a few days back that one of the agencies appointed by the Indian High Commission in Singapore to pre-process visa for individuals wanting to visit India depicted a truncated map of India showing most of J&K chopped off. Thank God, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh were intact. Perhaps they used an old map or something 😐 (I am not claiming this was done on purpose – as I dont know. That said, all I am saying is, I dont know if it was done on purpose.)

I contacted the Indian High Commissioner and was told that they will take care of it soon. I must say I did not expect this to go anywhere. But tada! Here is the corrected map (the map of India is on the extreme right). Thank you Dr Jaishankar. I am honored to have you as the Ambassador of my country.



One Response to “Kudos IHC, Singapore”

  1. Archu Says:


    I thought I would see a Blog… and a few comments.. but there was something actually done!!!! πŸ˜›

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