Are you smarter than an Indian politician?

N-deal not good for Muslims: Siddiqui

Indian Muslims are against George W Bush or any deal with America.

Give deal to Muslims because that is democratic.

We have become bonded labour because BJP closes options.

This guy is funny. Not so long ago, when the communists took over Nepal, an attempt to “save” the only Hindu country in the world was deemed as a communal. In the words of one famous homosexual – and proud to be so Indian, a muslim next door is more important to me than all Hindus in Nepal. So be it. I mean, with that aptitude, I thought it would be rather jobless of me to try and explain the significance of communists taking over Nepal. The support Hindraf asked of India, was probably shook off by Karunanidhi because, that was for a Hindu cause. Apparently they tried the Tamil angle which bought them some support. But even that, my friend argued, was supporting the Hindu cause. And that is sin. “Indians” carrying out protests against Bush, for his war that killed non-Indian muslims in Iraq, or supporting Saddam in Bangalore, or providing relief to Pakistan – our friendly neighbors – that is fine.

Dear V****m, I can understand you being irrational. But can you also not be a hypocrite? It makes it ‘hard’ for me to like you. Well, not in a queer way.

Sample this: “The deal is anti-Muslim and we are against it more se because it is being promoted by the US which is an anti-muslim country” . He must’ve forgotten he represents a constituency, which unfortunately has not been fully converted to Islam yet. I am sure this guy wanted more than 25 crores to overcome his muslim-ness and vote for congress.

Talking of funny guys, Raul Vinci, with a Gandhi tag, is another. In a recent statement, the future Maharaja of India, has said that the deal is worth the risk for India and if the government falls, so be it. After all ,that will give him chance to rule us. He also said the following: “There are people in Bharatiya Janata Party and other parties who are 100 per cent for the deal. I don’t understand why there are people opposing the deal. So if somebody argues that it is bad, then there is a feeling it is political.”

For a party that is in power because of “keeping communal forces out” and which is being pulled down because this fcuked up concoction is too acerbic now that the enemy is the anti-muslim according to the Left, this man, must take us to be super-dumb or something. Come on Raul, you know it – its all political. People and India and Indian people mean no shit to you.

He also blabbered about his dad being opposed when he brought IT into India… but I guess he is prone to making such statements. Hitler believed his race was the most superior. and hence he was a racist. This guy thinks his family is – he must be familist! Irfan Habib was badly annoyed when Raul mentioned that Gandhi parivar was responsible for the Pak breakup of 1971. What goes round, comes round.

This is crunch time in Indian politics. The question over the nuclear deal has sent all politicians, across all parties, scurrying for options. Everyone wants to make some money – 25 crores was what I heard the rate was. They are spoilt for choice – priority is hard to make up. BJP would probably have signed this deal itself if it were in power and most probably is opposing it just because it isnt and wouldnt have congress take the honors. Left is undecided whether to keep BJP out of power or vote with it. They also have the “imperialist” America to contend with. But I guess, they have decided US is a bigger phantom than BJP – As a passenger in a train, one cannot determine or choose who the other co-passengers are were the exact words. Benkaiah Naidu, meanwhile has allayed Somnath baba;s fears of voting with BJP and I think BJP will sponsor arrangements for him to vote separately. Left is peculiar. It was only looking for a chance to pull the Govt down so that in the next elections it can say it did so because the UPA didnt do well. Really cunning bunch of eunuchs. That is a rather difficult combination to handle.

Meanwhile, Mayawati has started appearing sexy to Bardhan and she will probably be the next PM. But Loaloo doesnt think so. His exact words were: “I also want to be the Prime Minister, but can I be?So much is the excitement in the political circles that even Govinda will cancel his shooting to vote and a convicted BJP MP will also vote. Gowda has been badly shaken up from his slumber and hopes to make that which he couldnt in the face of the lost cause in Karnataka. Akalis were probably undecided on whether or not to keep the sick (or was it Sikh) PM in office. But last heard they finally decided, money is more important and will vote against UPA. Dayanidhi Maran will abstain for voting because he did not get Karunanidhis birthday cake. Pappu cant dance but Pappu Yadav will vote.

In all this ruckus of mangled and mingled priorities. all politicians forgot one simple thing – India. Javed Akhtar can now proudly recreate the song thus: Panchi, Nadiyaan, politician ke irade…… koi N-deal naa inhe roke.

Post-script: Meanwhile, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa challenge and Comedy Circus have invited some “surma'”s from across the border and have presented to their audience the difficulties that the contestants have in having to sign-in at the local police station every 15 days. Apparently that is coming in the way of their sleeping time and making them more nervous on stage. Oh, and a few army personnel died fighting “misled” Pakistani Muslims in J&K yesterday – almost slipped my mind. I wish it did.


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2 Responses to “Are you smarter than an Indian politician?”

  1. Tanu Says:

    I understood all of it, This Time! Ye ye ye ye

  2. kowsik Says:

    Just when things got really confusing in India, these Pakistanis are bringing us back to reality. We would be in a really tough spot if these purees were as subtle as our bhaies next-door 😦

    Reality continues to ruin our lives (as Calvin would put it), but these small consolations really rub it in!

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