Vicky Nanjappa

a journalist with Rediff. This guy is funny too. In his interview with Shivanna, A JD-S MP, he asked the following: “How much has the Congress offered you?” And if you thought the question was funny, check out the answer:

What are you saying? Just because the others are alleging that they have been bribed, that does not mean even I am in line. Look here, nobody has approached me so far and I am not open to any offer in future also. My only interest is the development of my party and any decision taken should be in the interest of the party and no amount of money can change my stand.

So well said. His interest is his party only not country. And more than money, a cabinet berth will probably change his stand. Money, he will make then.

And finally, Vicky, you should know this: Never ask a politician such questions in public when he is still bargaining.


2 Responses to “Vicky Nanjappa”

  1. kowsik Says:

    I think, K, that you are overlooking the obvious here. He is actually announcing that he is in the market. After reading “The Insider” (written by PV himself), and watching a bit of “Yes Minster” (must see to get an idea of how UK/India are run), I can’t imagine any other reason for this interview to exist. Vicky, in all probability, never had to ask the question đŸ˜‰

    This guy actually appears to be quite new to the game, if even someone like me can get the message… either that, or he belongs to the new-wave of politicians, ala Maya-didi etc.

  2. kowsik Says:

    Looks like it wasn’t all in vain:

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