Speaking Out – Take 2

Time and again, our intellectuals and “fire-brand” media persons thought about our army and pondered why they dont speak out ( apparently against the governments – the villain in their fantasy). And writers have pointed this out after a couple of years. My eulogy was this: They are perhaps not as jobless as the rest of us. They have more important things to do than pseudo-intellectualize and ponder, dream etc.

My take on why there is no ideological dissent in the Army ranks, as the ‘free’ thinking proponents of anarchy would have liked, is because perhaps they are aligned! Come to think of it: Was India ever in a war where we were the aggressors? Or a cause that derided any country’s rightful existence? Of course, no country ever will – but you get the picture. So why would our dear Indian beti want to crib that bad? Perhaps she wants to be in the list of the top 100 public intellectuals. Maybe thats why she wants to portray herself as the godess of all things – big and well, not so big.

Dont get me wrong – wars are inherently not good for anyone, definitely not for army men who lay their lives for the nation (objection overruled). And I salute them. I also understand that when you join the army, you probably know what you are getting into. Any dumbwit whose idea of army was faking tears or writing blogs on the border deserves to die anyway.

In the course of the discussion, we ventured into the theory that soldiers fight not for any over-enriched thought process elucidating the Madre nacion but for the group and the bond they have developed. I hope that the army has some feeling of nationality – and India does exist out of the map in my paanchvi class social studies text book- atleast for the soldiers. Can any army personnel who is reading this blog tell us why actually do you fight for? Salary, nation or just the 4 people you went to the Khadakvasla school with?

Incidentally, does ‘free’ thinking mean real cheap thinking? Or will I be now damned as there is apparently no thought that is cheap? not even mine? *sarcastic* So much hate so little time! How will I ever spread it?

I had promised someone I wont discuss unworthy people on this blog- but hey I have an opinion and since this is my blog, I will voice it: seriously, it hurts when not-pseudo-intellectual people think of Her feisty-self as God(ess). You find someone worth talking to and then… bang! Life sucks!

Anyways, past digression, here is something people may want to chew on: nobody was ready to come here. Pray, where are we headed? the article may not be so much about speaking out (and definitely this isn’t army, its police) as much as it tells us about the other cancer we have developed by the “free” thought approach. Only this got a little too free. But it is the security personnel of our country speaking about what they face. Are people (and intellectuals) listening?

PS: I could never understand the “non-governmental organizing spirit” (read re-re-inventing the wheel) via the sympathy she shows towards naxalism through her commanding language over the english language (through her novel, which I have only read the summary of). Moral of the story: Language and Thinking are two different things.

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