As Kuntry as they get

Geoff Boycott: “He is talented, very talented, but has no brains”



And then, ‘he’ woke up the next day, and just remained ‘him’self. True champ – Viru ‘no brain’ Sehwag.

Celebrating the true kuntree spirit – Kboy

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2 Responses to “As Kuntry as they get”

  1. Anonymi Says:

    Sehwag, is certainly not the top contender for the ‘no brain’ title. Especially when we have people in the team who fell for the same trick (if the short ball qualifies as a “trick”!) for years in row. Enough said :/

  2. Humor - Viru ishtyle « Life Sucks Says:

    […] Mr Sehwag, You are an amazing cricketer. And you used to get a lot of respect foryour cricketing skills in Kuntry land. Henceforth though, your amazing sense of humor will be […]

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