Even God cannot save this country

I didnt say so. Justices Aggrawal and G S Singhvi of the Apex Court did.

“Even God will not be able to save this country,” a fuming Supreme Court on Tuesday said while slamming the government for its refusal to amend the law for launching criminal prosecution against those who illegally occupy official houses. [Rediff]

Not really off-mark, if you are not an atheist, that is. In India, sab kuch chalta hai. For the uninitiated, these are the same Mi Lords who lambasted Reverend CM-de-tamizhnaad Karunanidhi (wohi re, whose son is Stalin with a Anna touch) for contempt of our Supreme Court by delaying show-cause notices by a few months. In India, we are like that only.

At least two accused in the 2002 Godhra train burning case, who have been evading arrest, are now in Pakistan.The Indian Express managed to speak to Salim Ibrahim Badam alias Paanwala, against whom there is an Interpol alert, and Ibrahim Dhantiya alias Kachuka in Karachi. [IE]

Journalists call them up and publish interviews while our Intelligence wing is blissfully ignorant. Some influence, that. And also, I dont understand why neither of them called Arundhati Roy, the Godess of minority things. Or Ms Setalvad? We have the state of West Bengal too. What is really amusing is that Police made futile bid to arrest Paanwala from Fatema mosque in Godhra on February 18, 2004. They had shoes on as they tried to enter the mosque. This led to a clash with people there. Paanwala escaped, not seen since then.

This [KH] is funny too: Indian movie star Aamir Khan promised that he “will” speak on behalf of Kashmiri Hindus who have been ethnically cleansed from their homeland in Kashmir.And people are so jobless, they keep a tracker on that one. Guys, Aamir Khan is a good actor. ‘Nuff said.

If you were astonished by that, check this [HT] out:

She also apologised in a personal capacity to Pakistanis for the death of four Pakistani nationals in Indian jails. “I deeply apologise for the pain caused by India. You got back (the bodies of four Pakistani prisoners) and I apologise for that,” she told reporters in Lahore.

Was she apologizing that we sent the bodies back? So would it be alright if we… She has made the right choice of coming back to Mumbai and settle here, now that “I have stopped planning for the future. I had left that to (her late husband) Khalid and he is no more,”. Thanks a lot for blessing our land. We hope you dont die in any bomb blast. And, what that also proves is that Saans bhi kabhi bahu thi has Pakistani audience.

A quick poll: Tell me how many of you expected the outcome to be any different:

The Lok Sabha panel probing the cash-for-vote scam is finding it difficult to nab culprits behind the scene as none of them figure in the tapes of the sting operation it examined on Monday. All indications so far are that Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh – accused of buying the MPs – may go scot-free. Circumstantial evidences based on the statements of the three BJP lawmakers were felt insufficient to summon Amar Singh and Congress President’s political secretary Ahmed Patel, sources privy to the panel’s sittings disclosed.

Here is an icing on the cake. One particular blogger (I will not mention who…. umm google doesnt help either) mentions this in response to a question on why he always chooses to focus on the darker side of the coin (Author claiming to (re?)present India to the world):

When the Sun shines, people see each other in its light but not their shadows………. The truth must be TOLD. My LOVE for my country is not blind.

Per me, the take on shadows is a perfectly misplaced analogy. But should the next two sentences NOT be: The TRUTH must be told. My love for my country is NOT blind. Or is it a case where misplaced emphasis tells more about how much less emphasis is given to what really must be stressed? bah! and I call others jobless?

PS: India’s independence day is on 15th of August, for people who did not know. Look out for amazing show of ‘patriotic’ fervor on that day.

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