Hey (N) Ram!

How an Indian journal(marx)ist goes out of his way to perform relaity checks in remote areas of SW China, can, in one sentence be described thus: “There were plenty of signs of prosperity on my long drive from Lhasa to Nyingchi, and “. #

Perhaps we must provide Arunachal Pradesh and let them enjoy such ‘prosperity’.  We already have given them the a part of Kashmir for this sake. I guess NR couldnt drive there as the region is heavily laden with snow for most parts of the year and come to think of it – chained tyres on snow? Indians are perhaps not too good at using it.

According to N Ram, Tibet is remote for ordinary Chinese. You must be a fool to believe that Tibetans are being made a minority

So, if 98% of the population in Tibet was in fact Tibetan and they want a Govt of their own, AND if the land is too remtoe for an ordinary Chinese citizen, why the hell are Chinese so bent on rulign that land? For a valiant Human Rights (and Lefts) champion (sic) like NR, why is this so endearing a fact, going by the values/ the lack of them, he pretends to stand for?

Incidentally, He added that there was no sign of strain or suppression there as people were filled with excitement and the atmosphere was festive (as it was a new year)

Is it me or is even the general good feeling that he experienced becuase of a festival and not exactly becuase of the oh-so-efficient Chinese rule? 

I honestly feel that people are entitled to opinions. But journalists must keep themselves to reporting facts and not opinions based on the feel-good factor of  their escapades in mountainous regions.  

One Response to “Hey (N) Ram!”

  1. kowsik Says:

    Are you suggesting that he bother feeling the mood of the Tibetans? Come on K, I doubt if he would dare doubt His Master’s Voice. He might just have published what he was told by his Chini bhais.

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