Humor – Viru ishtyle

Scene 1: Ravi Shastri asks Virendra Sehwag about his exploits after the fourth day of the Chennai cricket test between India and England.  Shastri asks him in particular, what goes through his head when he is bludgeoning the hapless bowlers. Viru looks around and utters this priceless gem: “I see the ball, I hit it”. Simple.

Scene 2: Sehwag hosts questions on his thoughts on the second ODI between India and NZ especially after he (as also most other Indian batsen eventually did) decimated the NZ bowlers just 3 days ago at Napier.  Our man goes out of his way and credits NZ bowlers for their talent. When queried on his aggressive batting style, here is what he has to say: 

“When I was growing up, I was playing a lot of 10-over and 15-over cricket. If you are batting for 10 overs, you have to score off all 60 balls. That is why my mindset is like that. But it’s changing now. You must have seen in the last game that I left the first ball very well,”. Duh! and we all didnt read much into it!

Dear Mr Sehwag, You are an amazing cricketer. And you used to get a lot of respect foryour cricketing skills in Kuntry land. Henceforth though, your amazing sense of humor will be attributed more praise.

Stay Kuntry!

One Response to “Humor – Viru ishtyle”

  1. kowsik Says:

    Awesome! Reminds me of an old quote:
    “Balls”, said the Queen, “if I had them, I would be the King!”

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