Of Numerology and Athiti Devo Bhav

Guess what will keep YSR in power this next horse-trading election season?

According to numerologists, chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy has the magical number five which will keep him in power for long. [link]

Now, this is not from a ToI or a Savvy – it is from votecong.com – congress’ own mouthpiece! With this for a guarantee, I guess the voters have less to decide on.

In other news, ‘their’ lady of Italy had this to say in Davangere “We are not the sort of people who take terrorists like guests to Kandahar

Yes ma’m, you invited them home. I guess this is a case of taking athithi devo bhava a tad too far. She probably wasnt mad at them being treated as guests – her operative word was, why Kandahar, when we have Mumbai!   

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One Response to “Of Numerology and Athiti Devo Bhav”

  1. kowsik Says:

    Is that why she has kept that Afzal guy alive? For the 2014 elections?

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