Cricketing role models

I have never been a fan of Kolkota Knight Riders – swear. But I do feel sorry for a few spoils of the lavish Mr Khan – Ganguly, Ishant, LR Shukla etc

And now, Brendon McCullum. He is like a lonely warrior out there. And then our friends from the media try to rub it in. No, seriously what exactly was this journos question when he said (no, not asked) this:  “In this competition, where the points table has been a very close thing, only one thing has been constant. Knight Riders have been always at the bottom.” Was he giving an opinion? Who asked for it in the KKR press conference anyway?

All said and done, McCullum answered thus: “That point has not been lost on us as well. But we can’t dwell on that. We need to look at ways to increase our performance; if the results don’t go our way it’s fine. At least we know we tried.”

There are some very fine cricketers out there. Some great human beings and leaders. There are very very few fighters. And almost only hand-countable number of people with all these qualities. McCullum, Dravid… – what great role models I have!

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