Kasab pleads not-guilty

Not guilty, says Qasab 

What Joke is this?I think he is claiming that the gun he was carrying was a left-over after Diwali celebrations 2009 by LeT.To kya Karachi se Mumbai gun pakad ke vada paav khaane aaya tha?

On second thoughts, we must declare vada paav as our national food. Lets file a petition for that 😐 Am sure my educated friends (who think it is useless to vote) will join me in this noble cause of utmost importance to the nation unlike the elections. 😐 *bitch-slap* 

6 Responses to “Kasab pleads not-guilty”

  1. kowsik Says:

    Whatever it is that you propose, I hope it includes candles and underwear. Lots of them, if possible.

  2. onechance Says:

    I guess, I will walk up to a bar and thrash a few workers/ women/ ‘working’ women. I sure will get ’em pink innerwear for this noble cause

  3. Anonymi Says:

    You lost me at the huge poster for vada pav. When I recovered from the spacing out, I was bitch slapped (??) for some reason. Do I have to read this again to find out? ;p

  4. onechance Says:

    Leave it to you.
    The slapping wasn’t aimed at you. I have several other good friends to contend with 😀

  5. hari Says:

    Technically speaking, pleading “not guilty” is nothing more than calling upon the prosecution to prove their case, if they can.

    So, in a sense, there’s nothing really wrong with this. It’s a procedure of the administration of law.

  6. onechance Says:

    Hari, You know you have messed something up totally when you need to prove this (for as long as this will take).

    Technically, my friend, it means we’re fucked, by ourselves.

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