The next Indian Monarch

Note: This is a really really sarcastic post. I take no responsibility if supproters of Congress use this post as a honest rebuttal to the allegation.

Have you ever seen God? (And no, dont copy Ramakrishna’s  reply to Swami Vivekananda). No, isnt it? You believe in him (or Him, whatever suits you). Simple. 

Apparently New Indian Express doesn’t get it. duh! Why else would they not believe the edict issued by Congress about the prince of the Gandhi family? If they say he passed, he passed. If they say he MPhil-ed in development economics, he did. So what if NIE have his certificate from the Development Studies Committee to the contrary. Dont you believe the words of thedestined-to-crack-their-whip-on-poor-Indians holy rulers? Shame on you, You have insulted humanity and all the Human Rights Organizations by doing so. Now, just wait until Teetsa Setalvad conjures up witnesses and claims that you gangraped a pregnant Muslim woman, and then gouged out the foetus with sharp weapons and dumped bodies of innocent muslims in to wells in Naroda Patiya. Just you wait, you infidels. 

You laughed, smiled at least? Save it. I bring to you the modern educated-in-‘abroad’-Kangressi-Indian: …it does appear that the Indian Express reporter got it’s a question of semantics: development economics Vs Development studies & frankly (i dont think the reporter in this case has studied abroad, or they’d know) what matters is the degree that you get…it’s not frikkin important whether it was in development eco or studies..& nitpicking that he got 58% instead of 60% which is also another way to develop a story, let’s face it! So, New Indian Express, check your facts & ensure that your reporters are sufficently clued up on realities of obtaining degrees abroad.  (From the comments section on the first link).


FYI, This is the Development Studies (MPhil) homepage @ Cambridge and this is the one for Mphil in Economics (There is no such thing as Development Economics)- notice how different the subjects they study are. From its website: “The MPhil in Development Studies is classified as a nine-month Arts course“. Now Mphil in Developmental Studies *does* have a paper on Development Economics. (But I had a course on Economics too in my B.E. Metallurgy curriculum (not development-al though, i think it was destructional economics or something). So I guess I will update my CV now to read Education: ME Materials Engineering; BE Metallurgical Economics). 

My other quibble is about how our educated Indian spins the magical holier-than-thou ‘abroad’ education on the (apparenlty) clueless journalist – that somehow, *any* degree abroad is a degree and no matter what they do in my poor country, it is just neeeeh! So I get a ‘how to wait on tables’ degree from oxford or ‘how to say good morning in Italian English’ and then am definitely better off then the PhD form say IISc who has slogged his ass for 8 years (and surprisingly, isnt willing to write his PhD thesis even when advised by his Advisor. Digression: ^:)^ VeeDee)

My third, and I understand if you rolled your eyes now, crib is about passing. Well, our prince secured 58% and the pass percentage is 60% in the paper on National Economic planning and Policy- no, thats a fail .

So, I *really* dont understand what this educated-abroad-Kangressi wants to convey when he asks NIE to check its facts.  Sigh! Wish I had a phoren education to understand this (lack of) logic -in development logic, that is, from the Trinity college. Do they have a course on that?

PS: Is it a matter of coincidence am listening to Educated fool (Nirvana)?

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  1. kowsik Says:

    “The Emperor’s new Degree”?

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