I’m sarcastic, get me out of here

I came across a certain blog the other day, referred to, in one of my subscriptions on Google reader. The author had written about HUF demanding an apology from Burger King over a certain issue of portrayal of Hindu religion in what they perceived as an insult.This particular author had written as a person who was angry about HUF protesting and as someone who, as a meat-eating Hindu, was enraged at it. As a casual reader, I have no clues whatsoever about him/ his works/ his humor apart from the article, which, I definitely cannot attribute as being satirical from the first read standalone. Here, read for yourself.

And then suddenly one fine day, this guy comes up and says he was being sarcastic. Ok dude, I agree. Maybe you were. But as a first time reader, and reading only that post, I am totally inclined to believe that you were just a moron who wanted HUF to apologize to meat eating Hindus.

Apparently, this sarcasm was clear to his group of friends (and looks like our dude is famous or something, as I got atleast 9 other mails to the effect of ‘ah, you didnt get his sarcasm you are an idiot’, within a day – notwithstanding the fact that no one reads this poor ‘idiot’s notes otherwise ;), who suggested that for idiots like me, he  tags his sarcastic posts as, “satire, tongue in cheek” etc. Ah, poor him, this is worse than the tsunami disaster.

So, in the tone of Kyle Broflovski, we learnt something today: If your ‘sarcasm’ makes little sense to people outside of your cult, the rest of the world is just too idiotic to understand it. duh!

FYI, in my blog on that subject, I have allowed all his friends’ comments bar one. -edited-

Here is my final take on this: Dude, if you/ your friends think your post was the epitome of sarcasm and I was just not worth understanding it, I am ok with that. You have your right to prejudice. But so do I ;

Incidentally, do you guys watch “I’m a celebrity, Get me out of here”?

4 Responses to “I’m sarcastic, get me out of here”

  1. onechance Says:

    Oh and the last question was for my other ‘idiotic’ readers.

  2. kowsik Says:

    I commented for this post on the previous one!

  3. Anonymi Says:

    Sarcasm on the internet is like winking on the phone. Or so says the urban dictionary.

  4. onechance Says:

    Anyonymi .. well put.

    I keep getting lifeless losers like these (https://onechance.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/offensive-demand-or-misplaced-liberalism/#comment-156) come up to my blog and leave behind their invaluable comments and greetings their parents must’ve taught them.
    Oh what the hell, am getting more hits 😉

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