As Kuntry as they get

July 31, 2008

Geoff Boycott: “He is talented, very talented, but has no brains”



And then, ‘he’ woke up the next day, and just remained ‘him’self. True champ – Viru ‘no brain’ Sehwag.

Celebrating the true kuntree spirit – Kboy

And the memory remains

July 31, 2008


They talked a lot about Ghalib, even linked him with the great poet. But they perhaps did not hear Onkar out.

Opinions and biases

July 28, 2008

Give an Indian something to philosophize and you can bet your whole life on him giving an opinion. A funny ad may put things in the perspective:

Case in point: Sheela Bhatt’s article -the latest bit of superlative intellectual opinion – the masterpiece opinions from a professor of JNU Ghanshyam Shah-jee. According to him, these blasts are “not exclusively” a backlash against the 2002 Gujarat riots of 2002. According to him, “natural processes” did not happen post-riots in Gujarat (And that is perhaps what Modi had referred to, in his speech on Newtons 3rd law. (Every action ….). It is strange that Prof. Shah had then criticized it back then). According to him, Gujarati Muslims showed “diffidence” – restraint by not backlashing against the majority. And how did he conclude that? Because, according to him there was no fight back instigated by the Muslim community!!! Ta-da!! (No, not TADA)

Sheela Bhatt added her bit in reminding us that >1000 muslims had died during the riots (while the report tabled by the UPA govt gave a completely different number. And oh, she forgot to add that a few Hindus dies too – some 300 odd I think apart from the 56 that were burnt alive- which instigated the whole thing in the first place. And I could never stop wondering how in a setup (purported to be) so much against the minority, 300 Hindus died. Even phantom would have to sweat it out to kill 300 people that are against him when, as the commies fantasize, even the State, the Police and the majority were against him.

Prof Shah seemed to be unaware of this too. But there is the number he was looking for. His baseless argument on the “diffidence” of the Muslim community – goes right out of the window.

What was more funny though is the following:

To further support his argument that Gujarati Muslims by and large do not support the blasts to avenge the riots of 2002, he says, “In 1992, Surat witnessed communal riots (some Muslims were then burnt alive). Soon after, the plague spread in the city. At that time, Surti Muslims in the city were heard saying, ‘Khuda e sajha kari’ (God has punished them). But after the 2002 riots, I see an unusually high level of diffidence in them and we don’t hear such remarks.”

Given the ripe old age and the selective listening that he has been a victim of, since childhood (as conceded by him) we can understand his hatred (politically correct word would be bias, but in Kuntry land, you get Kuntree words) against “Brahmins” (the spin word for Hindu) in intellectual circles.

When a professor of JNU tells me his argument espouses from his field experiences where he “did not hear such remarks”, it reminds me of our very own madams second-best-selling article (link to refutation by Balbir Punj) on Gujarat riots. These “experiences” are even hard to come by from religion (i.e., opium of the masses). It must be something better that they smoke.

But, then the former Prof of JNU has a twist in the tale: Professor Shah argues that when the Muslim community lives in isolation and in ghettos, it is easier for outsiders to get a handful of people to support their activity.

Apparently the prof did not listen to these “handful” of rioters. What stupid argument is the “I dont hear anything like ‘that'” and in the same breath you talk of the “isolation and ghettos” that the community lives in?

Its about drawing lines, life is. Some people see a set of points and then fit a line to it. Some others draw a line and fit points to suit their lines. I, unfortunately, am good at MS excel.

It is sad in the context of barbaric acts we need to mend things to suit our bias and that too from a professor – Shame on such intellectuals.

Speaking Out – Take 2

July 27, 2008

Time and again, our intellectuals and “fire-brand” media persons thought about our army and pondered why they dont speak out ( apparently against the governments – the villain in their fantasy). And writers have pointed this out after a couple of years. My eulogy was this: They are perhaps not as jobless as the rest of us. They have more important things to do than pseudo-intellectualize and ponder, dream etc.

My take on why there is no ideological dissent in the Army ranks, as the ‘free’ thinking proponents of anarchy would have liked, is because perhaps they are aligned! Come to think of it: Was India ever in a war where we were the aggressors? Or a cause that derided any country’s rightful existence? Of course, no country ever will – but you get the picture. So why would our dear Indian beti want to crib that bad? Perhaps she wants to be in the list of the top 100 public intellectuals. Maybe thats why she wants to portray herself as the godess of all things – big and well, not so big.

Dont get me wrong – wars are inherently not good for anyone, definitely not for army men who lay their lives for the nation (objection overruled). And I salute them. I also understand that when you join the army, you probably know what you are getting into. Any dumbwit whose idea of army was faking tears or writing blogs on the border deserves to die anyway.

In the course of the discussion, we ventured into the theory that soldiers fight not for any over-enriched thought process elucidating the Madre nacion but for the group and the bond they have developed. I hope that the army has some feeling of nationality – and India does exist out of the map in my paanchvi class social studies text book- atleast for the soldiers. Can any army personnel who is reading this blog tell us why actually do you fight for? Salary, nation or just the 4 people you went to the Khadakvasla school with?

Incidentally, does ‘free’ thinking mean real cheap thinking? Or will I be now damned as there is apparently no thought that is cheap? not even mine? *sarcastic* So much hate so little time! How will I ever spread it?

I had promised someone I wont discuss unworthy people on this blog- but hey I have an opinion and since this is my blog, I will voice it: seriously, it hurts when not-pseudo-intellectual people think of Her feisty-self as God(ess). You find someone worth talking to and then… bang! Life sucks!

Anyways, past digression, here is something people may want to chew on: nobody was ready to come here. Pray, where are we headed? the article may not be so much about speaking out (and definitely this isn’t army, its police) as much as it tells us about the other cancer we have developed by the “free” thought approach. Only this got a little too free. But it is the security personnel of our country speaking about what they face. Are people (and intellectuals) listening?

PS: I could never understand the “non-governmental organizing spirit” (read re-re-inventing the wheel) via the sympathy she shows towards naxalism through her commanding language over the english language (through her novel, which I have only read the summary of). Moral of the story: Language and Thinking are two different things.

Enter Jihadman

July 27, 2008

…Sleep with one eye open; Gripping your pillow tight; Exit light, enter night…

Metallica rocks. But given a choice, I prefer Tagore’s Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. Operative word: choice.

‘Stop us if you can’, an open challenge. Something you expect an over-confident criminal to say in a second-grade tv series on crime and investigation before they are bashed up by the sleuths. Not so much in real life. Definitely not in a system as complicated as ours.

Let us discount all our notions for a moment and face reality: we are f*****d. I mean, we are supposed to be the ones in the race for superpower and all that. But then, as Calvin put it, reality continues to ruin our lives.

Articles after articles have been written and arguments and counter-arguments provided for all that is wrong with our society. Journalists have criticized the government, inked out sarcastic articles and the government in turn had expressed shock, anger and then condemned the terrorist outfits. The opposition has spoken of the TADA and POTA acts that may have helped with the situation at which time human rights organization rose from its sleep. It is only in the in the interest of sanity that I will not link to any of the above-quoted. But nothing changed.

There is a cycle to all this. I mean, this happens every time we face a threat as the one above – albeit not always so explicitly. Some things never change. In India we are “simpul” people. No, am not claiming we are perfect but definitely we aren’t complicated. We “adjusht maadi” to anything and everything. If we cant, as in the case of the above, we shut the fuck up and go back to our stupid lives.

Neitzsche once said “That which doesnt kill you, only makes you stronger“. For Indians, he would perhaps have edited it thus: “That which doesnt kill you, only makes you indifferent“. I find no other reason why our skins are so thick and why we have zero sense of collective responsibility. And many would like to poke their nose now and ask me what is collective responsibility. I mean responsibility towards the nation – suffrage. Sadly we like suffer-age better.

But what are our choices? A defunct set of morons who would do anything for themselves? I have decided to stop commenting on the drivel served to us in the name of white papers and statements by politicians. I mean, we have a PM who, for the sake of governing, put reforms in the backseat (as ordered by our dear Leftists). A cheap whore in the name of ruling party president who has a (last) name and nothing else. Cabinet ministers who are busy stuffing up cabinets! A fucked up opposition, that is so confused that I am not going to shame myself talking about them. But I have this to say about these morons: I bet the NDA govt could NOT have done any better if they were in power instead of the UPA. Our dear regional parties for whom, India is a map and “bahujan” is priority. Left, well, they are probably the most efficient of the lot – for China, I mean.

Krishna Prasad let this out well in his article on rediff, pertaining to the security system in India. I extrapolate- everything is a joke in India. It is a wonder we still exist! Think what a terrorists’ thought process may be, think of how easy it is for the terrorist to do what he does best in our “free country” and then the real fear will sink in.

There is perhaps nothing much one can do regarding where we stand today. But as a group perhaps we can. Maybe we should, before even as a group we will be rendered useless. But if people have to realize this after listening to me, perhaps they are unworthy of existence in the first place. Stupidity must be declared a crime. Now I wont elucidate on who is “we” and who is “stupid”. For that you will have to dig your own grave.

There must be supremely intelligent people up there – the IASes, the IPSes and the like, not to forget our paanchvi pass mantris. But may I try and offer my 2 paisa on what, according to a poor old graduate, can be done to at least contain the madness we are subject to: This. Last I heard of this, was when NDA was in power – some talk on biometric IDs and all that. But definitely the commies held us by the balls, nothing cholbe-d. I understand that many people do not think that carrying an ID card will make h(n)ot-minded terrorists think anymore but definitely it will make it harder for them. It will make them traceable and Indians in general accountable. It will make it easier for our security infrastructure to operate. We also have to realize that all this will not happen overnight. Let us see if any party brings National ID scheme as an election issue in the upcoming elections. I bet they wont.

One other thing I think we must not do, is lose faith. And I fully understand that is a hard thing to ask Indians to do. But we dont live in the Tagore-land anymore- we never did. We dont have the choice. Gosh, life sucks.

I’m off to never never land…boom!

Vicky Nanjappa

July 19, 2008

a journalist with Rediff. This guy is funny too. In his interview with Shivanna, A JD-S MP, he asked the following: “How much has the Congress offered you?” And if you thought the question was funny, check out the answer:

What are you saying? Just because the others are alleging that they have been bribed, that does not mean even I am in line. Look here, nobody has approached me so far and I am not open to any offer in future also. My only interest is the development of my party and any decision taken should be in the interest of the party and no amount of money can change my stand.

So well said. His interest is his party only not country. And more than money, a cabinet berth will probably change his stand. Money, he will make then.

And finally, Vicky, you should know this: Never ask a politician such questions in public when he is still bargaining.

Are you smarter than an Indian politician?

July 19, 2008

N-deal not good for Muslims: Siddiqui

Indian Muslims are against George W Bush or any deal with America.

Give deal to Muslims because that is democratic.

We have become bonded labour because BJP closes options.

This guy is funny. Not so long ago, when the communists took over Nepal, an attempt to “save” the only Hindu country in the world was deemed as a communal. In the words of one famous homosexual – and proud to be so Indian, a muslim next door is more important to me than all Hindus in Nepal. So be it. I mean, with that aptitude, I thought it would be rather jobless of me to try and explain the significance of communists taking over Nepal. The support Hindraf asked of India, was probably shook off by Karunanidhi because, that was for a Hindu cause. Apparently they tried the Tamil angle which bought them some support. But even that, my friend argued, was supporting the Hindu cause. And that is sin. “Indians” carrying out protests against Bush, for his war that killed non-Indian muslims in Iraq, or supporting Saddam in Bangalore, or providing relief to Pakistan – our friendly neighbors – that is fine.

Dear V****m, I can understand you being irrational. But can you also not be a hypocrite? It makes it ‘hard’ for me to like you. Well, not in a queer way.

Sample this: “The deal is anti-Muslim and we are against it more se because it is being promoted by the US which is an anti-muslim country” . He must’ve forgotten he represents a constituency, which unfortunately has not been fully converted to Islam yet. I am sure this guy wanted more than 25 crores to overcome his muslim-ness and vote for congress.

Talking of funny guys, Raul Vinci, with a Gandhi tag, is another. In a recent statement, the future Maharaja of India, has said that the deal is worth the risk for India and if the government falls, so be it. After all ,that will give him chance to rule us. He also said the following: “There are people in Bharatiya Janata Party and other parties who are 100 per cent for the deal. I don’t understand why there are people opposing the deal. So if somebody argues that it is bad, then there is a feeling it is political.”

For a party that is in power because of “keeping communal forces out” and which is being pulled down because this fcuked up concoction is too acerbic now that the enemy is the anti-muslim according to the Left, this man, must take us to be super-dumb or something. Come on Raul, you know it – its all political. People and India and Indian people mean no shit to you.

He also blabbered about his dad being opposed when he brought IT into India… but I guess he is prone to making such statements. Hitler believed his race was the most superior. and hence he was a racist. This guy thinks his family is – he must be familist! Irfan Habib was badly annoyed when Raul mentioned that Gandhi parivar was responsible for the Pak breakup of 1971. What goes round, comes round.

This is crunch time in Indian politics. The question over the nuclear deal has sent all politicians, across all parties, scurrying for options. Everyone wants to make some money – 25 crores was what I heard the rate was. They are spoilt for choice – priority is hard to make up. BJP would probably have signed this deal itself if it were in power and most probably is opposing it just because it isnt and wouldnt have congress take the honors. Left is undecided whether to keep BJP out of power or vote with it. They also have the “imperialist” America to contend with. But I guess, they have decided US is a bigger phantom than BJP – As a passenger in a train, one cannot determine or choose who the other co-passengers are were the exact words. Benkaiah Naidu, meanwhile has allayed Somnath baba;s fears of voting with BJP and I think BJP will sponsor arrangements for him to vote separately. Left is peculiar. It was only looking for a chance to pull the Govt down so that in the next elections it can say it did so because the UPA didnt do well. Really cunning bunch of eunuchs. That is a rather difficult combination to handle.

Meanwhile, Mayawati has started appearing sexy to Bardhan and she will probably be the next PM. But Loaloo doesnt think so. His exact words were: “I also want to be the Prime Minister, but can I be?So much is the excitement in the political circles that even Govinda will cancel his shooting to vote and a convicted BJP MP will also vote. Gowda has been badly shaken up from his slumber and hopes to make that which he couldnt in the face of the lost cause in Karnataka. Akalis were probably undecided on whether or not to keep the sick (or was it Sikh) PM in office. But last heard they finally decided, money is more important and will vote against UPA. Dayanidhi Maran will abstain for voting because he did not get Karunanidhis birthday cake. Pappu cant dance but Pappu Yadav will vote.

In all this ruckus of mangled and mingled priorities. all politicians forgot one simple thing – India. Javed Akhtar can now proudly recreate the song thus: Panchi, Nadiyaan, politician ke irade…… koi N-deal naa inhe roke.

Post-script: Meanwhile, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa challenge and Comedy Circus have invited some “surma'”s from across the border and have presented to their audience the difficulties that the contestants have in having to sign-in at the local police station every 15 days. Apparently that is coming in the way of their sleeping time and making them more nervous on stage. Oh, and a few army personnel died fighting “misled” Pakistani Muslims in J&K yesterday – almost slipped my mind. I wish it did.

Kudos IHC, Singapore

July 2, 2008

Symbolism carries a lot of importance to me. I have come across people who argue that symbolism is useless and that, as an example, one can respect the national Anthem (of any country) while not standing up in respect while it is being sung. (Note: Hon. Minister of Railways, Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav is not one of those people I have spoken to). Oh well, perhaps the Taliban respect a persons’ right to exist while they swipe their heads off – you never know. In any case, where one draws ones’ line is left to the individual – I guess I draw mine where I do and in no way can you convince me that yours is better than mine.

It came to my notice a few days back that one of the agencies appointed by the Indian High Commission in Singapore to pre-process visa for individuals wanting to visit India depicted a truncated map of India showing most of J&K chopped off. Thank God, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh were intact. Perhaps they used an old map or something 😐 (I am not claiming this was done on purpose – as I dont know. That said, all I am saying is, I dont know if it was done on purpose.)

I contacted the Indian High Commissioner and was told that they will take care of it soon. I must say I did not expect this to go anywhere. But tada! Here is the corrected map (the map of India is on the extreme right). Thank you Dr Jaishankar. I am honored to have you as the Ambassador of my country.

Quick question

June 30, 2008

Here’s a no-googling question for you- Who is the odd (Wo?)ma(e)n  out:

Fethullah Gülen, Muhammad Yunus, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, Orhan Pamuk, Aitzaz Ahsan, Amr Khaled, Abdolkarim Soroush, Tariq Ramadan, Mahmood Mamdani and  Shirin Ebadi.

Believe it- these are the “public intellectuals” of our age. I knew 14 of the top 100 – none among the top 10. How many have you heard of, before? Hmm, how public are we talking? Apparently 500k strong 😉 So now that you are told so, mug up the names and recite them.

Secular? us??

June 29, 2008

There seems to be no rush in defending minority rights in some instances in our great country, India. It is only but coincidence (sic) that this is true when the minorities in question are Hindus. The great Setalvad-de-graves and the Roy’s of our age have decided that Rights violation issues involving Hindus are not worth even a mention.

But I am not overtly worried of the above-mentioned. They are only being true to themselves- by being such hypocrites. So as much as it is undesirable, we know about such self haters. What is appalling is the response of the general public.

Srinagar is known to be a volatile place but such violence because a 40 acre land was transferred to the Amarnath Shrine board, temporarily, for make-shift arrangments for pilgrims makes me wonder, with what face these people claim the Haj subsidies? Also makes me wonder about the plight of Hindu minority in a Muslim majority area. And am only talking about India!

I wish, those mullahs, sicular politicians and journalists, who jump at the mention of “Islamic” terrorism, could come out and clarify their stance on this issue. All am asking is to whine more than about the two “Hindu” fucktards who blew a cinema house as a counter claim. Am waiting….