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Holier than thou…

May 20, 2008

And am not talking of the one that Metallica made famous. Well, not yet. I am talking of this plain drubbing that the Left gave to its allies (yes!), the ones in power.

Come to think of it. Commies do have balls. To claim what they have have, is a rather modest way of saying ‘We rock. And oh, by the way, you suck’.  They play the secular card with the Congress – or better put, against the BJP and the economy card against the Congress – no, this time, not with the damned communal BJP.

And oh, in case you didnt pay attention, all UPA failures are a direct consequence of “government ignoring the Left (over?) suggestions.” (Emphasis mine)

Did you check out the line on how UPA has tip-toed the Imperialist US’ line? And no comment on the stance on Tawang or the friendly fire from the MFN (:D yay!) friends across the border was made. Maybe they want freedom too- from a minoritarian rule (oh, like thats not a word). And forget the cancer that goes in the name of Naxalism and Islamic Jehad. But yes they found it important to play the secular-card: He showered encomiums on the Human Resource Development Ministry for strengthening the secular fabric of education. How? I dont know. Ask the control-freak!

Its strange how a party with a total of 53 seat out a 534 (roughly 10%), is effective in playing the role of the Opposition by keeping the Bharatiya Janata Party away from occupying it as well as of keeping the government alive, even while keeping it on tight leash. Leash? Again, whats their stance on homosexuality?

I mean, they are both for and against government.  (No, not in the self-questioning way – more in the vein of someone high on the superiority complex drug: If it works, I fixed it. If it doesn’t you put it wrong). They are, and they are against the opposition. And they are just 10%- today. It is a beautifully orchestrated divide-and-rule politics. At least, Macaulay will be chuckling.

Its heads-I-win-tails-you-lose situation against the Congress and BJP. Our only hope is the second “coming”. And while you are on it please put a face to this ass.

I end with this supremely superb quote from HHGG:  “I am so amazingly cool you could keep a side of meat in me for a month. I am so hip I have difficulty seeing over my pelvis.” – Zaphod Beeblebrox.  So aptly suits our Left.