An(other) introspection

I’m worse at what, I do best; And for this gift, I feel blessed

I was watching this [Youtube Video] video on youtube. It is one of my favourites. And then I stumbled across this [Youtube Video] one. Same song, different singer, I think a contralto at best. Now, people who know me will relaize that I am a rock-addcit and still the same song, in pop mode by Tori Amos, seemed just as good, today. 

Makes me wonder if that applies to other things in life as well. Maybe and just maybe this once, everything, in itself is beautiful. It is only but our perspective that makes something what we percieve it as. And perhaps, what we think of something / someone else is at least as much a reflection of ourselves, than the thing/ person under consideration.

And perhaps, Life doesnt suck after all. In the words of someone who made me realize this earlier: its me, I suck!!

hmmm, what a Tuesday night!

PS: Sorry if the above seemed a little too obvious. I think I can safely say I always knew but never ever relaized it before tonight.

And of course, I cant be held responsible for what I write on Tuesdays.

2 Responses to “An(other) introspection”

  1. Anonymi Says:

    Life is neutral. Like good vodka. But they both get to you eventually.

  2. kowsik Says:

    I think what we think of ourselves is also just a ‘state of mind’, most of the times atleast. May be our lives are only some one’s dreams, atleast that was what Arthur Dent wondered, right?

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